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The Beef Cattle Improvement Association (BCIA) currently has approximately 175 active members consisting of both purebred and commercial producers from Virginia and surrounding states.  The Board of Directors consists of 10 members representing state breed associations and commercial cattlemen.  Virginia BCIA is a state organization which belongs to the Beef Improvement Federation -- the national organization which sets guidelines and standards for beef cattle genetics (EPDs, performance reporting, etc.).

   Virginia BCIA is an active organization and the following highlights our primary activities:

VA BCIA BULL TESTS AND SALES -- The organization coordinates and manages five test groups and 3 sales on two test locations (Culpeper and Southwest Virginia).  These bulls were consigned by BCIA members from Virginia and surrounding states.  These bull tests and sales have been the mainstay of the organization since it was formed and continue to provide performance testing and marketing opportunities for breeders.  Additionally, these sales have a strong reputation as a source of proven, dependable genetics.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS -- Virginia BCIA supports and provides input relative to educational programming in the area of beef cattle genetics and management.  BCIA has sponsored several programs we have hosted over the years.

PARTNERSHIP WITH VCA -- By joining Virginia BCIA, BCIA members can join the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association at a reduced rate of $30/year. BCIA members can only receive this discounted membership through this membership renewal. By joining Virginia Cattlemen’s Association, you will also be entered into a drawing for a VCA prize package. This is an optional membership.

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